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“We offer a complete line of premium food service size canned tuna under our California Girl brand all which are caught in dolphin free waters in South East Asian waters where the Pacific meets the Indian Ocean. Canned Tuna is low naturally low in fat and still provides essential Omega 3 Unsaturated Fatty Acids, which can help reduce inflammation and the risk of heart disease.”

Tuna varieties available are:

Solid White Alabacore, Chunk White Albacore, Tongol Tuna, Yellowfin and Skipjack (aka Chunk Light Tuna).

High Yield Tuna

California Girl Tunas have a greater yield than brands that contain “vegetable broth”.
V. broth is a mixture of hydrolyzed vegetable protein and water added to the meat at a 1:10 ratio prior to canning for the purpose of replacing tuna with water. This nonessential water starts oozing out of the tuna as soon as it is mixed with tuna salad ingredients.

California Girl Tunas have only three ingredients: tuna, water necessary for canning and salt. No “vegetable broth”.

National tuna brands and private label brands contain 4.8 oz of “vegetable broth” per can. A great deal of this “broth” oozes out before serving. The “broth” that remains in the meat continues to ooze and makes sandwiches wet.

California Girl yields a minimium of 3 more servings per case than tuna brands that contain vegetable broth.